What is Atarax?

Atarax (Hydroxyzine) is a prescription medication which belongs to a drug class known as antihistamines. The hydroxine Atarax drug being an antihistamine functions by blocking a particular natural substance called the histamine that the body produces in the course of an allergic reaction. Atarax medication when taken reduces activity taking place in the central nervous system. Atarax uses includes: the use of Atarax for anxiety, also as sedative for treating tension, to control vomiting and nausea. When you use Atarax anxiety is greatly treated also you can make use of Atarax for itching or treatment of allergic skin reactions like contact dermatitis or hives. There are various other Atarax uses, it is at times used together with other anesthesia drugs.

If a person is allergic to a drug like hydroxyzine it is advisable not to use Atarax or if one is pregnant. Atarax medicine when taken can impair a person’s reactions or thinking so one should be careful if such a person will engage in any activity that requires one to be alert like driving. Also inform your health provider if you are suffering from kidney disease, liver disease or seizure disorder. Your doctor should be informed to ascertain your safety before using Atarax if a person has conditions like thyroid disorder, glaucoma, epilepsy, high blood, stomach ulcer, asthma, breathing problem or emphysema, problems with urination etc. Using Atarax medicine when pregnant without telling your doctor could harm the unborn baby so it is very important to make sure your doctor is aware before you start taking the drug. Whether hydroxyzine can harm an infant or if it passes into breast milk is not yet ascertained so ensure you tell your health provider if you are breastfeeding an infant.

It is very necessary for a user to contact health provider for instructions before taking any. There are also cases of people using Atarax for sleep enhancement. It is advisable not to take Atarax for sleep without the approval of your doctor or health provider as your doctor will be the one to determine if you should use it or not. Hydroxyzine medicine is an antihistamine which can also be used for treating itching, allergies, dermatitis and atopy in dogs and cats. So you can decide to use Atarax for dogs or pets. Great caution is needed when using Atarax in pets with intestinal obstruction and urinary obstruction. Today the internet has made it very easy to access a lot of information. This advantage has made it very easy to access information on Atarax reviews. Presently a lot of Atarax reviews online to today provide a kind of guide for patients who want to take the drug. This Atarax reviews contain a lot of user experience from those who have used the drug before. It contains both the disadvantages and advantages of the drug as well as it possible side effects. The Atarax high cases have become common rampart today with a lot of people using Atarax as a sedative to get high. There are also cases of Atarax high in school kids. High dosage of this drug is used in order to get high. Additionally, Atarax can greatly enhance the effects of drugs, like oxycodone, morphine, and heroine. Using Atarax to get high is a drug abuse that shouldn’t be encouraged.

Side effects of Atarax

Ensure you get immediate medical help if after or when using Atarax side effects. These are some of the serious side effects of Atarax:


Movement in the neck, eye, jaw and tongue


We also have the less serious Atarax side effects like:

Dry mouth




Blurred vision

This actually isn’t a complete list of all the side effects that make occur as a result of using Atarax. Inform your doctor whenever any of these side effects occur.

generic Atarax

A generic Atarax version is also available in various forms and strengths:Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 10 mg per 5 mL syrupHydroxyzine hydrochloride 10 mg tabletsHydroxyzine hydrochloride 50 mg tabletsHydroxyzine hydrochloride 25 mg tablets

Atarax Dosage

Do not take Atarax more or lesser than was prescribed by your doctor neither should you take it for periods longer than your doctor prescribes. The Atarax dosing is available as a liquid, tablet or a disintegrating tablet that will dissolve inside your mouth. Hydroxyzine medication comes in form of Atarax tablets which are Atarax 25mg, Atarax 10mg, Atarax 50mg and Atarax syrup. It could with food or without food.

In a case of Atarax over dose seek immediate medical help. If you happen to miss a dose of Atarax take the missed dose immediately you remember. Skip the missed dose if it is almost the time to take your next scheduled dose.

Atarax Interactions

This drug may impair your reactions or thinking. Before taking Atarax, other drugs in same class inform your health provider if you often make use of other medications that make you feel sleepy (like allergy medicine, narcotic pain medicine, muscle relaxers, cold, depression, medicine for seizures, sedatives, anxiety, sleeping pills, and narcotic pain medicine ). They can increase sleepiness resulting from Atarax. Taking alcohol while on these drug can increase some side effects of hydroxyzine. This does not actually include all the drugs that may interact with hydroxyzine. Also inform your health provider about all the drugs you use, including over-the-counter, prescription, herbal and vitamin products. Do not begin a new medicine without informing your health provider.